Football für Nerds

The guys rush down the staircase: They want to go to the park and hold a battle with their kites. On the way they meet Penny who makes fun of them. Leonard invites her to come with them, but Penny is expecting visitors. Her friends are coming over to watch football. And since football is not really his thing, she did not invite him. They arrange a meeting for later, but Leonard feels bad that she did not ask him anyway.

The four organize their battle by dividing into teams of two at the Park. However when Raj notices that they are being watched by women, Howard is immediately drawn away and both of them lose. On the way back Raj and Howard argue about their lost battle. Leonard is still trying to understand why Penny is apparently hiding him from her friends. Sheldon believes that it is because she is secretly looking for another boyfriend. Raj begs Sheldon to give his kite back, but Sheldon stands tough. The loser's kite goes to the winner.

At Penny's house, Leonard asks how the game was. Then he asks her why he shouldn't meet her friends. Penny replied that he could have come, she only feared that he would be bored. Leonard agrees to go to the next game because he also wants to be friends with Penny's friends.

That evening, Raj and Leonard watch a football game, while Leonard takes notes. Slowly, he understands the game. Howard comes in and begins to argue with Raj again. He is still sulking because of the kites. When Sheldon shows his brilliant knowledge of football during the game, Leonard and Howard are surprised. Leonard consequently asks him if he can explain the game to him. Sheldon agrees.

Leonard puts his football jersey on for the football game. Unfortunately it is much too big for him. Sheldon asks Leonard if he is doing all of this only to please Penny. He cannot understand that and lets Leonard go.

Raj receives a visit from Howard. He brought with him a new kite. But Raj isn't satisfied. His old kite was from his brother from India, while Howard's gift is from ? Hello Kitty? . Raj makes further accusations, alleging that Howard constantly puts him aside as soon as he sees attractive ladies. Howard offers him reconciliation, and they go out together.

Leonard sits next to Penny and watches the game with her friends. Leonard continually talks about his newly acquired knowledge during the game. Then Sheldon comes between them, needing the bread. He offers to go with Leonard to the park and fly a kite there again. However, Leonard refuses. As Penny makes him aware of how long the game will last, he runs after Sheldon.

In the park, Howard and Raj reconcile. But when Howard believes that a woman has looked at him, he wants to go after her again. Grumbling, Raj encourages him to do it.