Terror in der Stadt der Rosen

The four guys are eating together. But Sheldon is shocked that the restaurant has changed the menu. Various dishes are not where he would have usually found them. And at the same time there are new dishes. Sheldon is so upset about it that the four decide to go out to eat pizza.

On the way to their apartment, Sheldon and Leonard make a frightening discovery: the door of their flat is open! The entire living room is ransacked, televisions and laptops are gone. Sheldon runs into his room, but luckily at least his comics are still there.

Sheldon lists to the police which consoles and games were stolen However, he is not impressed by their collection. Sheldon is outraged that the police appear to have little concern about the break-in. Once the officers are sent away, Sheldon takes out his cell phone so that he can watch TV on it.

In the night Sheldon cannot sleep. He is afraid the burglars will come back. He quickly pushes his dresser in front of the door.

Penny and Leonard are sitting in Penny's apartment having a glass of wine together, when Sheldon knocks. He seems only to want to look to the right. But he has something else in mind: he doesn't want to be alone. Therefore they go over to the apartment together and pass the time with a quiz. But when Leonard and Penny go to bed, Sheldon becomes nervous again as he watches a horror film.

The next day, Howard and Raj build a new locking system for the apartment door. Also, there are motion detectors and cameras. But Sheldon is not yet convinced by the security system.

He writes in his diary that evening that he does not feel safe any more in Pasadena At that moment, he hears a noise in the apartment, flees through the room's window in panic, and goes over to Leonard's window. He lets him inside and explains that he and Penny had only knocked over a lamp.

Right after Sheldon has walked out of Leonard's room, the alarm system goes off: Sheldon has accidentally run into the recently installed and electrified system.

Sheldon finally determines his response: He wants to move to another city. He seeks a secure city where he will be safe in future. Eventually, he finds his new home: he packs his bags, and wants to move to Bozeman in Montana. His friends try to change his mind and convince him that he shouldn't let the burglary bring him down. However, Sheldon wants to leave, and at the farewell he shows a short video. And then, Sheldon is out the door.

Right as he arrives in the bus station, a friendly man offers Sheldon help with his bag. Sheldon is pleased and thanks him politely. But then the man runs away with his things. Sheldon immediately goes to the counter and orders a ticket back to Pasadena.