Das Suppentattoo

Raj, Leonard and Howard are camping out in order to view a meteor shower. To pass the time, they watch various programs via computer and satellite dish. In the meantime, Sheldon is sitting in his apartment about to work. He is glad to have some peace and quiet.

Sheldon would like to order his dinner by telephone and he is taking on the delivery service when he hears Penny screaming. He runs over to her apartment and, not without his customary knocking, rushes into her bathroom. She is lying in the shower and holding her arm. She slipped in the shower. Sheldon instructs her that this was caused by the fact that she has no adhesive ducks on the floor. Penny wants to go to the emergency room, but Sheldon is at first reluctant to drive her. But he gives in and drives her to the hospital.

Leonard and Raj are sitting at the campfire, when Howard returns. He has reconnoitered the area and found two female teachers. They have given him cookies.

Sheldon wants to help Penny dress and bemoans her clutter. Penny however is choosy and waits patiently until Sheldon has taken a suitable outfit from her wardrobe. Now, however, he still has to help her to get it on, but in the process he inadvertently touches her breast.

Meanwhile, Raj, Leonard and Howard are totally high and are staring into the sky. Leonard is getting dizzy, and finally all three fall into a fit of laughter.

Sheldon is adjusting the the driver’s seat and the mirrors. Penny gets impatient and tells him to hurry.

The three boys are leaning on the rocks and telling each other nonsensical thoughts. Raj is dreaming about being the King of Hares. Leonard hates his name, and Howard confesses that he slept with his cousin.

Sheldon creeps to the hospital in Penny's car. But the car's condition causes him to anxiously worry about how long it will last. At the traffic light, Sheldon asks why Penny has the Chinese character for soup tattooed on her bottom. But Penny is certain that it means valor.

Raj, Leonard and Howard have an eating binge and stuff all the supplies into themselves. But unfortunately they are quick to empty their food supply, and begin to panic.

Sheldon fills in the Emergency Room admission form for Penny. With that he only strains Penny's nerves further. Penny asks him to comfort her just this one time but that is obviously difficult for Sheldon to do.

Out of hunger, the boys plan a raid on a scout camp. But just as they're about to go, Howard finds a piece of brisket in his bag. As they pounce on it, they fail to notice the meteor shower going on over their heads

Penny is once again in her apartment and is quite content thanks to the pain killers. She wants Sheldon to help her to bed and sing "Soft Kitty" to her. In the end, the two of them sing in rounds  because Penny demands that.

In the end, the boys are sitting at the campfire, with Raj and Leonard poking fun at Howard's confession that he slept with his cousin.