Business im Wohnzimmer

Leonard and Raj play in the WG Secret agent-treat-obstacle chess Sheldon doesn't want to and goes over to Penny's, to bring her a package that he accepted on her behalf. He knocks at her leaving the Passing acknowledge. Penny wants to show him her new project and invites him in. She has started a business in which she makes flower barrettes and sells them to a shop. However Sheldon is sceptical. He estimates how high her yearly sales will be. Penny asks him to help her earn more money with her barrettes.

Penny and Sheldon sit together in Penny's apartment and Sheldon calculates Penny's daily sales by timing her. Penny doesn't reach that and she would like to get hints for more income. Sheldon proposes an assembly line system and explains this to Penny.

Raj, Leonard and Howard want to go to the cinema and in the corridor they hear Penny and Sheldon singing. When they open the door, they see both of them working on Penny's barrettes. Sheldon explains Penny's job to the boys. The three propose an idea for the flower optimization and for speeding up the production.

In addiction they want to create a website for marketing the flowers

Leonard presents the almost finished website to Penny and the boys. The others aren't impressed, though. Sheldon advises Penny to fire Leonard. But then she discovers that an order is already there. As a result Sheldon would like to expand the market via Bluetooth to make it attractive for men too. And actually a Gay & Lesbian club orders 1000 pieces. But because Leonard offers express delivery, the flowers have to be ready in one day. Penny is skeptical that they can succeed, but Sheldon encourages everyone to work. All five now are sticking flowers in arrangement.

Even after hours of work, the end is not in sight. All are tired, but they pull themselves together. Sheldon wants to go to bed, but he gets a coffee that makes him so extremely hyper that he babbles nonstop to Leonard and Penny.

As they have completed all the flowers Leonard found a frightening e-mail. The club has ordered 1000 more flowers by express delivery. Penny wants to carry on, but the boys are too tired and don't want to anymore. Raj and Howard leaves while Leonard disappears in his bed. But then comes Sheldon in his Flash-costume and disappears through the door.

In the concluding scene, Raj, Howard, Leonard and Sheldon play a new game. Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Lunch.