Unflotter Dreier

Sheldon meets Penny at the postbox and wants to have a chat on the way upstairs. He tells her about Leonard's new relationship with Stephanie. Sheldon makes it clear that this relationship is very important for him and that Penny should not treat Stephanie as a rival She promises him that she won't and Sheldon is relieved.

At dinner Sheldon, Leonard and Stephanie sit together. However Sheldon invited himself and doesn't notice that the other two do not want to have him there. Then he begins to interrogate her as well. Leonard calls Sheldon over and gives him a tongue-lashing. But Sheldon only wants to help Leonard. Because, in his opinion, Leonard cannot keep the relationship going.

Leonard and Stephanie are sitting in the cinema when Sheldon joins them. However, he makes a fool of himself on his search for the seat with the best acoustics, which embarrasses Leonard.

That night Sheldon knocks on Leonard's door. He has looked Stephanie up on Facebook and is outraged that her status there says "single" . Sheldon fears that he is losing Stephanie as Leonard's girlfriend.

Sheldon knocks at Penny's door and wants to talk with her. He wants to know from her how her relationship with Leonard broke down. He wants to find out what mistakes Leonard made .

Over dinner with Raj and Howard in the canteen Sheldon tries to get the two on board. Together they must save Leonard's relationship

Sheldon wants to sound Penny out about Leonard once again. Additionally, he suspects that Penny's cycle of guilt could be threatening the relationship Penny leaves him standing in front of the door.

Leonard and Stephanie are spending a cozy evening in the apartment, but Sheldon disturbs them both in an attempt to open a jar. Leonard grumbles at him and wants him to get lost. He wants to open the jar for Sheldon so that he can leave, but he cuts himself while trying.

In the emergency room Stephanie has stitched up Leonard's hand. She sends him back home.

As the guys are having dinner in the apartment Penny comes among them. Leonard's Facebook status has been changed to "in a relationship" . Leonard is surprised, because he didn't do it. Sheldon confesses, but he has only meant well. Leonard flips out and screams at Sheldon. However at that moment Stephanie also immediately changes her status to "In a relationship". Sheldon sees that as confirmation of the fact.