Die Las-Vegas-Kur

The boys are playing a guessing game and Sheldon gets miffed when he is being compared with C3PO. Then Leslie Winkle calls Howard. Sheldon gets enlightened by Leonard about the relationship between Howard and Leslie. They are friends with benefits.

Then Howard comes back and breaks down in tears: Leslie has dumped him. Leonard tries to distract him, but Howard is deeply hurt.

Then Raj has an idea: to go to Las Vegas. Howard and Leonard are enthusiastic. They immediately leave to pack their bags. But Sheldon doesn't want to come along.

In the evening, Sheldon encounters Penny at the mailbox. He is happy because he has the evening to himself. While going upstairs he tells Penny about his Indian dinner. However, when he wants to unlock the apartment he realizes that he has forgotten his keys.

In Las Vegas the  boys are getting ready to go out. However, Howard wants to stay online on Facebook for a while, while Raj and Leonard want to leave. Finally they both set off with Howard to follow later.

Sheldon is in Penny's apartment He wants to pick up the spare key, but Penny has to confess to him that it is in his apartment. She had left it there when she fetched some milk. She suggests phoning the caretaker, while Sheldon could eat his dinner at her place. Sheldon is beside himself.

Raj and Leonard are sitting in the bar and gambling as well. When Raj is approached by a beautiful woman, Leonard cautions him. He thinks the woman is a prostitute. Raj rejects the woman. Then Leonard receives a text from Howard, who is sitting depressed in the hotel room. Raj gets the idea to book the prostitute for Howard.

They approach the lady again and explain the plan to her. However Howard is not supposed to notice that she is a prostitute.

In the meantime, Sheldon and Penny are playing a guesing game in which Penny comes off badly. Sheldom ask her if she and Leonard have a relationship like Howard and Leslie. Penny would like to speak with Sheldon about the theme.

Raj and Leonard have lured Howard into the bar. Just when Howars wants to return to the hotel room, the lady interrupts.

Penny prepares the sofa for Sheldon to sleep on. But Sheldon insists on sleeping in a bed, as he considers the sofa too small for himself. So he is allowed to sleep in Penny's bed and Penny sleeps on the sofa.

Howard and the pretty stranger are deep in conversation. Howard, however, has seen through the scheme, and when he finds out from the boys that they've already paid this lady, he thanks them.

Sheldon cannot sleep and is annoying Penny. He wants Penny to sing "Soft Kitty" for him. After she has sung it to him, Sheldon thanks her and sends her out of the room.

The next day Sheldon meets Leonard in front of the door. He tells him he now understands the meaning of "friends with benefits"!