Kleines Gefäß mit Honig

Leonard's friend Stephanie must examine Sheldon in the apartment. He has a permanent whistling sound in his ear and suspects it's a tumor. But Stephanie can not discover anything. As she goes to bed, Leonard makes it clear to him that Stephanie isn't there to treat his imaginary illnesses. This sets Sheldon off: he wants to speak to Leonard about the new roommate agreement. But Leonard denies that he is really living with his girlfriend. But Sheldon, not holding back, creates new rules for the three roommates.

The next morning, Sheldon reveals to Leonard that Stephanie intends to examine his prostate. He takes offense and declines the examination. Then Penny bursts in wearing only her underwear and asks for coffee. Stephanie is surprised, because until now she knew nothing about her. Leonard is embarrassed and plays down the relationship with Penny. When Stephanie is gone, Sheldon explains to her that Stephanie is living with them. Leonard is still denying it but Penny wants to see for herself. She looks in Leonard's wardrobe, which has Stephanie's clothes hanging in it, and notices the decor and cosmetics that his girlfriend has put up. Only when he notices the absence of his Bat Signal does Leonard understand that he's living with Stephanie.

Leonard meets Raj and Howard in the cafeteria. He is moving with visible difficulty. When pressed, he reports that his girlfriend has purchased him pants that are exceedingly uncomfortable. Leonard assures them both that his relationship is going happily.

Sheldon appears in the hospital. He has measured his blood pressure himself and noted its value. When Stephanie asks about him, Sheldon wants her consent to a series of studies. However, she gets rid of him.

Leonard meets Penny in the laundry room. He is trying to make his pants more comfortable with a fabric softener. Even in front of Penny he maintains that he is happy with his relationship. But she convinces him to speak to Stephanie about the fact that it is going too fast for him. However, Leonard is still very insecure.

In the apartment Stephanie examines Sheldon's larynx. She diagnoses a severe inflammation, which confirms Sheldon's fears of illness. She prescribes absolute silence for him. Leonard arrives and wants to talk to Stephanie. He tries to make it clear to her that he needs more time. But she is able to distract him and they both end up in bed.

In the laundry room Leonard meets Penny again. She is persuading him again that he should make his demands clear. But Leonard is afraid that his girlfriend will leave him.

Leonard is in bed with Stephanie. She would like to continue the conversation that Leonard wanted to start. However, Leonard can hardly talk as Stephanie is already seriously worried that Leonard wants to leave her. So he assures her that he likes her and Stephanie is happy. Again his conversation does not go as planned.

In the cafeteria, Leonard has a new sweater. Raj and Howard are convincing him that he should distance himself a little from his girlfriend. Leonard texts Stephanie that she should move out again. But Stephanie pulls through again and placates Leonard with sex.

In the final scene Sheldon knocks at Penny's door. He has his laptop with him and with its speech program he asks Penny for honey. He makes a typo, though, and he asks for her small backside with honey instead of a jar.