Das Placebo-Bier

The nerds are sitting in their flat and want to open Sheldon's recorder to increase the space on the hard drive. Sheldon is uncertain because the warranty expires when you open the device. Even with the prospect of accidentally deleting previous seasons of Battlestar Galactica, Sheldon agrees. Penny comes in and brings Leonard a pink suitcase. The guys are going to a symposium in San Francisco. The four of them await the symposium in anticipation, especially George Smooth's speech. When Penny asks why they are travelling by train, it becomes clear that all of them wanted to fly except for Sheldon. But he had gotten his way.

Leonard wants to take Sheldon to a bar, but Sheldon is busy. He prepares for this trip by making a meticulous list which includes his garments.

They already start arguing when looking for seats in the train. Sheldon is not okay with any of the seats. But he finds a suitable seat. Everyone is annoyed by him. There, they see Summer Glau in the compartment, and they can hardly believe their eyes. Howard is enamored and wants to take a chance with her. But Raj also wants to have a shot at Summer. Raj asks Sheldon if it's possible to get alcohol. However, before Sheldon ends his speech, Raj is gone. Howard continues weighing his options.

Sheldon panics when he realises he forgot to bring his USB stick. He wanted to give a treatise he wrote to George Smoot. But Leonard doesn't want to go back by any means, so Sheldon sulks to himself.

Sheldon continues to look for a possibility to get his stick. Yet he finds the thought of Penny going into his room repulsive. Howard plans his approach to Summer, but Raj beats him to it with a bottle of beer in hand and with the exact same line that Howard had come up with.

Sheldon pulls himself together and calls Penny. He tells her to get the stick in order to send the treatise by e-mail.

In the meantime, Raj is still flirting with Summer. Howard sits back down with Leonard and Sheldon. At that point they find out that Raj drank alcohol-free beer. Howard goes over to Raj and shows him the bottle. He disappears and Howard takes his seat next to Summer.

Penny is in Sheldon's room. He gets angry when she looks through his things. Leonard has to continue the conversation with Penny.

Howard flirts with Summer, who is visibly irritated and annoyed. But Howard does not notice anything.

In the meantime, Penny had found a trick box that she is to open as directed. But that takes too long so she kicks it without further hesitation. Meanwhile, Howard goes all out and asks Summer on a date and is rejected without mercy. But he still gets a picture for his Facebook site.

Penny almost succeeds and only has to plug in the stick and mail the treatise.

When Howard returns to the table of nerds, he is downcast. Summer destroyed his cellphone. Leonard then wants to try his luck anyway, but before he can even introduce himself, she disappears.

At the symposium, Sheldon wants to win over George Smoot for his research, but Smoot implies that he's on crack and leaves him standing.