Dessous auf der Oberleitung

The boys are playing the game City-Country-River in the Klingon language. But unfortunately they all have the same terms. There comes in Penny who would like to watch America's next Top Model with them, because her television doesn't work. Now everyone except Sheldon is concentrating on the models on TV, especially Howard.

When he hears from Penny that all the candidates live in a villa in L.A., he becomes very excited.

Howard and Raj are already watching America's Next Top Model when Leonard comes in. He is afraid that he has missed something. When a picture of the house appears on television, they snap a freeze-frame. They want to find out the exact position. Penny comes in and looks along with them. Only Sheldon is annoyed by the program.

As Penny goes in Sheldon's absence to his food, he is in a rage. She receives her second strike; at the third she is out. Penny, however, doesn't understand that and attempts to explain her first strike, which was already long ago. This involves the sending of funny photos of cats. As she once again sits in Sheldon's place, it is over. She receives her third strike and must leave.

The four lads are sitting in The Cheesecake Factory. Howard has a map, and is sure where the Top Models' house is. They plan to visit them there. Penny comes to the table and takes their order. However, she ignores Sheldon. She says that he has three strikes with her and now he is undesirable. Leonard goes to Penny and tries to get her to apologize, but she doesn't see the need for one. When she serves the food, Sheldon also gets his food, after he has complained to Penny's boss.

Howard has managed it. He has found the actual house. Leonard and Raj watch themselves on his result. Penny comes and shows them a video of Sheldon, that she found when she opened the internet. In it he demands an apology, but she still refuses.

When Sheldon wants to go to the laundry room, he meets Penny, who is waiting for him. She has already deliberately filled all the washing machines and thereby put Sheldon in a bad situation. He must alter his habit and wash on a different day. Penny is triumphant.

Penny knocks furiously at Sheldon's. Her laundry was stolen from the laundry room. Sheldon shows her that he has seen the lingerie on the overhead cable, whereby he is completely innocent. Penny wants to back down and apologise, if Sheldon will also give way on something. But Sheldon refuses.

Leonard goes to Penny, who is gluing two brooms together to fish her washing from the cables. He gives her Sheldon's "Kryptonite" - the telephone number of his mother. He thinks that this will end their little war.

As the boys watch television, Sheldon's mother calls. She gives Sheldon a tongue-lashing and demands that he apologize to Penny.

Sheldon knocks on Penny's door and sheepishly apologizes.

In the final scene Howard and Raj are ringing at the Top Model's House. They say they are technical experts and are actually invited into the house.