Drei Monate im Eis

Sheldon and Leonard are in the apartment. Sheldon has to hold himself back from criticizing Leonard's work. When Leonard accordingly wants to correct his work, Sheldon explains to him that he has fallen for a prank. Then Sheldon receives an e-mail, which is sent to him by the university president. Sheldon is already excited to know what the president wants of him, and can scarcely wait until the next day.

Sheldon knocks on Leonard's door at two in the morning. He had already been to the president's house. He has received an offer to take part in an expedition to the North Pole. He is in a dilemma, because he would like to go on the expedition, but he has awful thoughts about the cold north pole.

Howard, Raj and Leonard go up to the apartment and dream about what they could all do in Sheldon's absence. When they learned from Sheldon in the apartment that he would actually participate, they were delighted. However, Sheldon also suggests that the three of them should accompany him. The three of them are discussing, while Sheldon waits next door. In any case, Howard doesn't want to go with Sheldon on the expedition, but Leonard and Raj put professional success in the foreground. Finally they agree that they will accompany Sheldon.

Sheldon knocks on Penny's door. He asks her to give him access to the cold room of the cheesecake factory. He wants to train with the others there. Penny doesn't believe him and goes to Leonard to confirm his story. She is disappointed that he didn't tell her about that. When Penny is gone, Leonard is irritated that it doesn't bother Penny that he is away for 3 months.

They train their fine motor skills in the cold room of the cheesecake factory. They freeze and complain to Sheldon. Leonard argues that they can do these preparations in the station and not outside. With this reasoning, he lets the others go.

They get a cocoa served with butter from Sheldon in the apartment. In the meantime, Raj talks with his parents, who want to forbid him from taking the trip. The others want to support him, to change their mind.

Penny knocks on their door. She has a gift for Leonard. A blanket with sleeves. They hug tightly and Leonard goes back into the living room.

At night, Leonard wakes Sheldon. He is no longer sure that he can come. He believes that Penny doesn't want him to go. But Sheldon wins him round.

Leonard goes to Penny, in order to say goodbye. He asks what Penny wanted to say with her gift and the heartfelt hug. However, Penny reassures him that it means nothing. As she closes the door, she confesses to herself that she doesn't want him to go.

On arrival at the station at the North Pole, Sheldon prepares the tests for the next day. But for the moment the four want to spend the evening watching a film and eating Thai food.