Stein, Schere, Spock

Sheldon and Raj can't agree on which television program to watch. Raj proposes to settle this by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. But this is too boring for Sheldon and he suggests including Spock and Lizard.

Howard comes in and has his latest trick to draw women's attention: an eyepatch. However, the boys doubt that his tactic will be successful. When Penny appears, he tries his luck with her, but fails miserably.

Sheldon does not want to watch Clone Wars with Raj and Leonard and tries to settle it with Scissors, Rock, Paper, Lizard and Spock Leonard however gives in. Then Howard calls and sounds the alarm. He has a problem at the Mars Rover control room . and needs help. On the way, Raj and Sheldon argue about which is the best Star Trek movie.

Howard is already coming towards them in the hallway. He has stuck the Mars Rover in a rut. He wanted to make an impression on his acquaintance Stephanie and wanted to show it off to her. Sheldon reprimands him because this action will land him in jail.

Howard says goodbye to Stephanie and allows Leonard to bring her home. However, at the parking lot the two begin to get involved in wild petting. In the control room, Sheldon and Raj try to make the Mars Rover operational again. But they can not help it. Howard is desperate and sees only one way out: He wants to take the surveillance video and erase the hard disk, so that no one becomes aware of him.

On TV Howard follows a report about the? Mars Rover? . No one can figure out how the technical problem has originated. Howard is relieved. Leonard asks Sheldon not to give away where he wants to go. But Sheldon finds it difficult to lie to the others credibly.

Leonard is spending the night with Stephanie and the two are having a romantic evening. In the meantime, Howard calls about his appointment with his family, who all want to meet Stephanie.

In the laundry room, Penny confronts Leonard. She notices from his laundry that Leonard had a date. He tells her about Stephanie and of his problem: he feels guilty about Howard. But Penny is happy for him

Leonard knocks at Howard's But just as he is about to confess everything to him, Stephanie calls and tells him about her and Leonard. Howard is disappointed and terminates the friendship

In the apartment, Sheldon, Raj and Howard are playing rock, scissors, paper, lizard, Spock for the last dumpling. As Leonard comes in, Howard continues to ignore him Stephanie comes over and wants to pick up Leonard. As Howard is still sulking, Stephanie tells him that her roommate would like to meet him. Immediately Howard is reconciled with both of them.

Howard is making a phone call in the kitchen when the others call him over. There is a report on TV about the Mars Rover. . This brings ground-breaking findings about life on Mars and the narrator expresses sorrow that it will never be known who to thank for it all. Howard is shocked.