Season 2

The Killer Robot Instability

In the apartment the nerds finish their newest project. A small robot called Monte. Equipped with a rotating saw blade in front, they intend this to be their killer robot. Immediately they want to try out the 55 kilo giant. Leonard's choice falls on the toaster. Equipped with safety glasses, they release their robot and it dismantles the toaster at lightning speed. Raj searches for a new victim.

Penny comes straight up the stairwell as Monte shoots through the apartment door.

In the apartment the boys are having a talk about what they intend with the robot. Sheldon refers to the robot battle tournament, where they want to participate with Monte. Howard uses the opportunity and wants to invite Penny to the afterparty of the tournament, and he is refused again. And not just that. Penny makes it clear to him that no woman will ever have anything to do with him, and that he will die alone. That is too much for Howard. He leaves the flat dejected.

Howard is lying on the bed in his room when Leonard calls. In any case, he doesn't want to talk to anyone.

In the meantime, Leonard is sitting in the cafeteria with Raj and Sheldon. They are talking about Howard. Then comes Berry, who provokes them about their robot and makes it clear that his robot is superior to theirs. Then Berry makes them a proposal: He wants to let the robots fight each other in the laboratory, to see which is better. The boys hesitate because they do not want to compete without Howard

Leonard asks Penny to apologize to Howard. He tries to convey to her that Howard is very hurt and that Penny has overreacted. But she refuses. Then Leonard recalls an earlier incident, from which she owes him a favor.

Penny is visiting Howard and wants to see him. He sits desolate at his computer. Penny apologises to Howard, something which she finds visibly difficult. Howard pretends the whole affair did not affect him, and asks her to leave. But they hear him lamenting through the door.

Sheldon, Raj and Leonard are watching a video of Berry's robot. They are starting to panic, for it is very big and strong. But Sheldon cheers them up.

Penny consoles Howard, while he tells her about his failed love life. When he starts to sing, Penny gets annoyed. She tries to cheer him up, which goes completely wrong: Howard is encouraged and tries to kiss Penny. Penny steps away and smacks him.

Berry and the nerds meet each other in the laboratory. While Leonard would like to give up the fight to save Monte, Sheldon wants to keep on fighting. He tries to use psychological tricks but they do not work on Berry.

Shortly before the battle, Berry offers them the opportunity to concede the fight and hand over Monte to him. However, Sheldon does not want to give up. As the battle begins, Berry unveils his secret weapon: his robot has a flamethrower. The boys run behind her in despair and hope that Monte survives

Monte's remains are lying in the flat. It is now only a pile of scraps. The three boys are crestfallen. Then Howard comes in and is shocked to see the state of his robot. The boys ask about his nose, which is covered with a heavy bandage. But Penny helps him out of his misery and explains that he had an accident in the bath.

Howard reproaches Sheldon about what they have done to Monty. As Sheldon explains about the planned funeral, Penny finds it excessive. Monte was just a toy. Wounded, Sheldon goes into his room, and Leonard makes Penny aware that she has hurt his feelings again. She understands and goes after Sheldon.

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