Der Wolowitz-Koeffizient

The nerds sit in the apartment  eating. Sheldon is moaning loudly in front of them When Leonard questions him, Sheldon complains that they are eating Thai food today instead of pizza. But the three argue that every 3rd Thursday is "anything is possible day" and that day everything can be different. Anything is possible? And at this meeting they can all be different. By the end of the night, he is with Howard in a bar to go meet women. But the others think he has no chance. But, Howard has his own calculations to determine how many women he can ask to come. In the end they agree to go to the comic book store and decide to go - Is anything possible? - to a bar the next Thursday.

As the boys set off to the comic book store, they encounter Penny. She asks the boys, to bring her a few comics for her nephew. But since she doesn't know which comic, in the end she goes with the boys.

In the shop, Penny immediately draws all the attention. Penny is overwhelmed by the selection of comics and is counseled by Leonard.

Whilst sifting through the comics, Howard and Sheldon begin to argue over a particular comic. They can not come to an agreement about who can buy the comic.

In the meantime, Penny starts a conversation with Stuart, which attracts the attention of the others.

In the end, Stuart obtains Penny's telephone, number leaving Leonard speechless.

At the apartment, Leonard is still sad. He does not understand what Penny finds interesting in Stuart Since even Sheldon is of no help, he checks the internet for an answer.

As the boys at the next evening would in the WG to eat, responseveness Stuart and Penny They have a date That brings Leonard to the realisation that instead of playing video games, he would rather be in a bar Quickly all the guys change into fresh underwear.

Raj, Howard and Leonard are sitting in a bar. Howard and Raj are arguing over Raj's drink and eventually Howard leaves Raj sitting there alone while he plans the next action with Leonard.

Stuart brings Penny at home and these invites him Coffee? to his home At that moment, Sheldon comes to the door and begins a discussion with Stuart about Batman They relocate the diskusion in pennys flat, who her now make right coffee The two have so engrossed themselves in the debate that they don't notice that Penny has fallen asleep on the sofa They let her sleep and quietly sneak out.

In the bar, Howard and Leonard are sill unsuccessful. Howard says that he is relying on Leonard. They decided to go home but when they go to fetch Raj they find him deeply absorbed in a snog.

Next morning Raj wakes up in bed next to an unfamiliar woman. He tries to get up, but she holds on to him. So he snuggles in her arms again.