Planet Bollywood

The boys eat with Penny in the apartment. Sheldon disinfects his hands demonstratively before eating, because in the university only hot air blowers are available. Raj comes around with news Penny must be there already, so that he can talk about it. He has discovered a planetary object and has been voted by 'People Magazine' as one of the 30 visionaries under 30, who question preconceived views. Sheldon is irritated that Raj was so easily rewarded without his qualifications being checked. Raj is offended and leaves.

Leonard and Howard visit Sheldon in his office. They want to apologise to Raj. Sheldon does not accept this, but is overruled by others. Sheldon can only force a smile out of himself, however Raj still forgives him Then comes Dr. Gablehauser and acknowledges Raj as his "Star" . Raj will be getting a new office which makes the others offended But it's all about money and Raj brings with his discovery of a lot of money. He is even allowed to have lunch with the director.

In the evening, Raj reports about his photoshooting as his new assistant calls him. The others are irritated and are slowly becoming angry. Raj even organised tickets to a reception for the three, which they wouldn't have gotten without him. But the others don't want to go. At that moment Penny comes in and gives the lad a dressing down. Finally Raj invites her to the reception and that breaks the camel's back. The others leave the table.

Raj takes Penny to the reception with a limousine. Penny also notices right away, how high Raj already is.

Leonard enters the apartment, where Howard is waiting for him He tells Leonard not to let Penny go out with Raj Leonard, Howard and Sheldon eat dinner together and Sheldon is complaining about his food. He tells both a story from his childhood, that will tell them that they will need to find a new friend as replacement for Raj. They are not disinclined towards new contacts and fantasize about their new character traits.

Raj brings Penny to her house as his parents call. Raj would like them to meet Penny and presents her as a new girlfriend. However they are not enthusiastic, because penny is not an indian woman. She puts down the laptop and goes.

Raj wants to drop a note to Penny the next day, but she intercepted him. She forces him to tell her what he wants and he actually says a faint excuse me. Apologize? Out. As Penny closes the door, Raj sees Leonard standing on his doorstep and he gives a thumbs up.