In der Kreditklemme

In the flat, the boys are planning a cinema evening with a visit to a restaurant. There are possible dates and places noted on a whiteboard. But as Sheldon finds a problem with every possible combination, Howard, Raj and Leonard have no other choice but to go and leave Sheldon behind.

When Sheldon comes upstairs after a short walk, Penny scurries past him and takes refuge in the flat. She is hiding herself from the building manager, because she has not paid the rent. And then she also needs money for a car repair. However, Sheldon has a solution. He has cash hidden in a snake box, from which he lends Penny some. She counts the money and takes some from the stack.

When Leonard and Sheldon arrive home, they meet Penny at the letterbox. She has received a package and explains to Shelodon that she ordered it months ago but it has nothing to do with the borrowed money. But Sheldon is completely unworried.

Penny and the four boys are sitting and eating. Whilst Howard has to give Leonard the money for the food, Leonard waives the costs for Penny. But when Raj makes a comment, Penny gives him the money to avoid giving the wrong impression. But she bolts out of the flat in rage when the conversation with Sheldon comes around to the topic of repayment and she feels pressured.

Leonard goes to Penny and wants to make it clear to her that it does not matter to Sheldon when he gets his money back. Meanwhile Penny is sitting by candle light as her power was cut off. Leonard wants to cheer her up and looks to see if her expenditures can be reduced. However, when he sees her expenditures he starts brooding. Penny has lent her ex-boyfriend Kurt money to pay a fine that he had to pay. However she has been too trusting, and until now she hasn't received anything back.

Penny sees moving as the only alternative but Leonard is trying to talk her out of it.

In the meantime, the other three boys are playing a board game when Leonard comes back. He has an idea: he will get the money back from Kurt. Raj, Howard and Sheldon definitely don't want to go with him because they are afraid there will be a fight. But finally they come too for support.

On arrival at Kurt's apartment door, Leonard asks him to give Penny's money back. But he throws them out. While the others give up and go, Leonard wants to try one more time. However this time he is sent packing too. Instead he writes an IOU on Leonard's forehead.

As Penny knocks on Sheldon's door, she is surprised by Leonard's cap. She can pay Sheldon back, because Kurt has repaid part of his loan. When Leonard asks why, she thinks that Kurt had a guilty conscience. She suspects that he has changed and has agreed to meet with him. After Penny is gone, Leonard is annoyed that he tried to do something for her and is now the fool while Penny falls for her ex again.