Homo Novus Automobilis

Leonard comes to the shared apartment in the morning and is completely worn out. Sheldon greets him and explains that before they drive to work he wants to change his bedding. Leonard, however, doesn't want this because he worked overnight and would like to sleep. He leaves Sheldon and goes to bed. Sheldon therefore knocks at Penny's and demands that she drive him. Sheldon doesn't let up and threatens their friendship.

Penny gives up and drives Sheldon. He is, however, nervous as he sees the engine warning light come on and Penny continues to drink coffee while driving. He also complains about the route. When he starts to entertain her with games, she gets annoyed. Finally, she throws Sheldon out of the car.

When Sheldon meets Leonard at the end of the work day, he expects Leonard to take him home. But Leonard has only just started his work and isn't thinking about it at all. So Howard, who was there for the conversation, has to take him with him on his scooter. But he screams so loudly on the scooter that Howard also abandons him. Next, Raj takes him home, but on the way Sheldon gives  him a list of places to go. However, Raj only takes him home and so Sheldon is standing with his bedding in front of Penny's door again.

The gang have had enough now. They sit with Sheldon and demand that he complete his driving test. Penny wants to take him to the driving license office and Howard comes too.

The three of them queue up at the office, and Penny explains why Sheldon hasn't got his driving licence earlier like everyone else. While he is in the queue, Sheldon starts a discussion with the lady behind the counter. The questions don't seem to be precise enough for him. The lady is so annoyed in the end that she gives him the permit.

In the apartment, the guys want to help with driving and build him a simulator. However, Sheldon immediately gets panicked, makes a series of accidents and finally ends up in a shopping center.

Sheldon gives up, because he considers himself too smart for that. Leonard encourages him to continue learning to drive, but Sheldon refuses.

Because Leonard still can't drive him, Sheldon must come up with something else. He stays in his office until Leonard finishes his experiment. He doesn't know, though, that it has already been over for a week.