Die Kissen-Katastrophe

Leonard, Raj, Sheldon and Howard are playing a game of paintball and are seeking refuge in a hut while under fire. They are thinking about a plan Sheldon proposes an escape manoeuvre from Star Trek, whereby Howard must cover the backs of the three during their escape. When the three have gone, Howard hides himself in the hut and is found there by Leslie Winkle. They are surrounded and waiting for their end. Leslie begin to make out with Howard, while one can hear Leonard calling for help.

In the canteen the boys are chatting about the new budget cuts. Leslie comes over, makes an innuendo towards Howard and tells him about a financial injection for his project. This makes the others suspicious. Howard must admit the truth and tells about the incident during paintball. Sheldon reproves him at once.

Penny is with Leonard at the apartment. She has problems with her laptop and needs help. Sheldon is just going and gives her a lecture about staying away from his seat. After he is gone, Leonard has fixed Penny's laptop once more. Penny notices the paintball gun and Leonard wants to invite her to play some day. But Penny is not interested. However, when holding the gun, it goes off, and the shot hits Sheldon's seat, of all places.

Howard and Leslie are lying together in Howard's bed and are talking about Howard's received budget. Then they are interrupted by his mother who comes home. When Leslie makes her presence clear in return, Howard is very embarrassed by the whole thing.

Leonard is trying to get Sheldon's cushion clean again. When it doesn't come off, however, Leonard does not want to take the blame for Penny. In her distress, Penny turns the cushion around to hide the stain. When Sheldon comes home, Leonard wants to carefully prepare him for the slip-up.

But Sheldon is already on his seat and notices immediately that something is wrong He finds the big stain. While having dinner with Raj, Leonard, Howard and Penny, Sheldon has to sit on the arm rest. He is feeling visibly uncomfortable. But Howard knows a solution and swaps the sofa cushion for another. However, this seems too easy for Sheldon When Penny points out that the cleaning only takes 7 days, Sheldon flies off the handle.

Howard receives a text from Leslie and disappears for a date. Prior to leaving he mentions a trip, that Leslie has procured because of their relationship. Leonard chucks him out.

In bed, Leslie asks Howard if he wants to go to a family party with her. But Howard declines. Then Leslie cancels the trip on him. Howard doesn't know what to think of only getting something from her when he does what she wants. Finally he gives up.

Penny brings Scheldon his cleaned cushion. But Sheldon is skeptical that it is the same as before. He tries the cushion and is not convinced. However, Leonard knows a solution. He tries a trick to distract Sheldon, but it does not work completely.

Penny and Leslie accompany the boys to paintball. In the shack, they lay out a plan. Then Sheldon grabs a paintball gun and shoots Penny for revenge. But then Penny and Leonard shoot back At the end, all 3 are dead and the others must surrender.