Das Cooper-Nowitzki-Theorem

Leonard is giving a lecture to students on experimental physics. Sheldon should also present his special field, but he refuses. He thinks that it is a pure waste of time. But Leonard is able to change his mind with a trick. As is his custom, Sheldon is very arrogant towards the students.

In the cafeteria the four boys are sitting together. Leslie comes as well and has only negative comments about Sheldon's talk. The student Ramona, who had participated in the talk, comes to the table. She admires Sheldon. Howard tries to hit on her, but has no success. Ramona wants to meet Sheldon, but he will not go out with her. She also offers to bring him food.

In the evening, as Ramona is on the way to Sheldon's, she meets Penny. She can hardly believe that a woman would go on a date with Sheldon. Together with Raj, Howard and Leonard want Penny to watch the whole thing from the sofa, but Ramona is unpleasant. So the four go and leave the couple alone.

Penny asks if Sheldon actually understands what is happening and what his deal is. The boys say they are not sure but they suspect that Sheldon will divide into two in the future.

When Howard invites everyone to eat at his mother's, Penny bids them farewell. The boys head out alone.

The next day Leonard meets Sheldon in the cafeteria. He asks him about last evening. Ramona comes and brings Sheldon breakfast. She thinks that Sheldon standing in line is a waste of his valuable time. As Leslie makes fun of Sheldon again, Ramona gets between them and puts her in her place.

At the apartment, Penny wants to deliver a package that she has gotten to the boys. She surprises Ramona giving Sheldon a pedicure while he works. She becomes distressed, and Leonard, arriving later, is confused. Leonard wants to collect Sheldon for Halo evening. But Ramona persuades him that because of his work, under no circumstances can he play. It would be a waste of time and would not challenge him. So Sheldon has to decline.

On the weekend the group wants to play paintball, but again Ramona forbids Sheldon to go. She catches him in the bathtub playing video games and takes the controller away. When Sheldon reads a comic in the cafeteria, she takes it away and instead gives him a different book. Finally, Sheldon sneaks out of the house to play paintball, but when Ramona comes back from shopping, she shoos him back in.

Sheldon knocks on Penny's door and asks her for help. He wants to get rid of Ramona. When Ramona comes and sees him at the door, she confronts Penny. She assumed that Penny was in love with him.

Leonard is lying in bed at night when Sheldon asks him for help. Ramona, who has fallen asleep on the sofa, comes into the room. She has been awakened by the noise. She sends him back to bed.

Sheldon is happy. He has completed a research paper. But when Ramona asks for her name to be included on the work, he tosses her out.

In the cafeteria the next student immediately comes over and wants to chat with Sheldon about his work. He proposes that she bring food to his house.

In the evening at dinner Sheldon suddenly begins to behave strangely. Suddenly Sheldon begins to vibrate - and splits in two. Leonard awakes from his dream, happy that it was only a nightmare.