Die Weltraumtoilette

The boys are in the comic book store. Howard has something to celebrate and wants to buy the others a comic book. The space shuttle is on the way to the International Space Station with the space toilet he developed, and though the others don't take him very seriously he won't let it spoil his pleasure.

Stuart passes by and brings him the new(?) one(?) "Hellboy"(?). . In addition, he wants to speak with Leonard. After his last failure, he has another date with Penny and doesn't know how he should behave so that he comes across well. Leonard puts him off by saying he will let him know when he thinks of an advice.

Leonard and Penny meet at the mailbox. She asks him whether it is right to meet with Stuart again. She also needs a hint on how she can make Stuart feel at ease with her as he is very shy.

In the canteen, Leonard receives a call from Stuart. He definitely doesn't want to talk to him. Sheldon manages to make Leonard ignore his phone. Then Howard and Raj arrive. Howard has a problem. He has made a mistake during the production of the toilet and it will probably break after ten flushes. He wants to look for a solution and needs help.

The guys have built a replica of the toilet in their flat. Now he tries to reinforce the toilet with a box of spare parts. Then Stuart knocks, who still needs some advice from Leonard shortly before the date. Leonard advises him to take his time and to avoid contact as much as possible.

The boys are no step closer to solving the problem. Leonard holds back in the repair; he is still shocked that he deliberately wanted to sabotage Stuart's date.

The next day Leonard asks Penny how the date went. Penny does not want to talk about it and closes the door in his face.

The boys are still busy with the repair. Leonard wants to go to the comic book store, and Howard allows him to go, whilst the others are not allowed to leave the flat. Finally Howard thinks he fixed the toilet and wants to perform a test with a piece of meat loaf. However, the meat loaf  sticks to the ceiling of the room.

In the Comic book  store Leonard wants to talk to Stuart He has a bad conscience. However, Stuart thinks, that his advice worked well. But when they were kissing, Penny ruined it by saying "Leonard" name. Leonard says goodbye to Stuart and cheers as he stands in front of the shop.

Howard has passed on the proposed solution for the toilet by telephone. The other guys and Penny are having lunch. When Penny asks Leonard for the sauce, he lets her call his name again and smiles happily.

In the conlusion, the International Space Station transmits to NASA that they all have to make a space walk. NASA does not want to allow it, but the astronauts are already out of the door.