Das Conan-Spiel

Sheldon is playing in the shared apartment a online game named "Age of Conan" when he hears a noise from the hallway. It's Penny who is having some problems with her keys. She has accidentally put the car key in the lock and now she can't get out. Her shopping bags have fallen down as well. She swears that she had no success at casting(audition) because she comes from the Midwest. Besides she hasn't received a wage increase and hasn't had sex for a long time.

Sheldon asks her to stay in the apartment while she waits for the locksmith.

In the apartment Sheldon wants to carry on playing with his game and Penny is looking skeptical. When Leonard comes home, he falls on the purchases in the corridor. In the apartment Sheldon explains Penny how to play. Leonard tries to grab her attention but she is busy playing. Sheldon explains Leonard the situation.

The boys perform an experiment in the apartment, to make the mixture of water and cornflour jump on a loud-speaker. Penny asks Sheldon for advice with her game, she has bought 'Age of Conan' in the mean time. The others look baffled at them. After Sheldom has helped Penny, she rushes away with her PC.

While sheldon lies in the bed, Penny comes into his room. She needs help with a level. Sheldon panicks as noone is allowed in his room. In the meantime Leonard hears the conversation from Sheldon's room between the two of them and is confused.

The next day at the university, Dr. Gablehause has to settle an argue between Sheldon and Leslie. There, Penny even called him by telephone asking for help.

When Sheldon komes home, he asks Leonard for help. He intends to reason Penny Penny is in the middle of the game. Leonard tries to bring her back into the real world, however that upsets Penny a little.

The boys eat together in the canteen. Sheldon is sleeping, as Penny kept him awake again. Leslie arrives at the same time. She means that Penny just need distraction from a sexual partner. As a result, Sheldon speaks to his colleague Tom and gives him the telephon number.

Since then Penny is totally run down. While they are playing, Sheldon lays a profile for a dating portal on the sofa near them.

Leonard comes home and finds Tom there. Sheldon informs him that he had registered Penny online and also that in accordance to an analysis Tom is a perfect match. Penny comes in and knows Tom. Since Sheldon doesn't want to help her, she leaves again. And Tom is also not enthusiastic, since Penny doesn't look like the profile.

Online, Penny meets Howard's charcater, who wants to invite her. Penny registers, so that she now needs help where is she goes online with Howard.