Milch mit Valium

At the end of Penny and Leonard's first date the two kiss in front of Apartment 4B, where Penny lives. During the kiss, Leonard notices he is being watched by his friends via camera. When Leonard goes into the apartment, he is very upset at his friends for what they did, but they convince him that it was a bad date anyway. The reason the three nerds have comes from the statement of Penny, who wants to "take it slow", and on the other hand because of the nature of the kiss.

When Penny meets Sheldon later in the laundry room, she opens up to him, tells him her thoughts, and wants to know if Leonard already had a girlfriend who wasn't as intelligent. Moreover, she confides to Sheldon that she doesn't have a degree from the Community College and she lied to Leonard about it. After Sheldon finds out that he is supposed to keep this information secret, he becomes nervous and feels uncomfortable. But how as it always was with Sheldon and secrets, he can't manage it right and he is acting stranger than usual, avoiding the company of his best friends

Since Sheldon can't handle the pressure, he decides to talk to Penny again. A word and a blow, Sheldon strikes off to the Cheesecake Factory in order to ask Penny to release him from his confidentiality. But Penny gets rid of him and tells him that he should just forget it and that he will get it somehow right. After the discussion with his neighbour, Sheldon decides to move out from the apartment he shared with Leonard, since he couldn't see other possibility to keep Penny's secret. After he informs Leonard about his decision, Leonard is open-mouthed and doesn't understand the world anymore. After a brief reflection Sheldon decides to move in with Raj, even though he is not really excited about it.

In the evening, Raj trifles Sheldon away with every occasion. Starting with the building stock till the Bollywood movie they are both watching. After a while Raj bursts with anger and brings Sheldon to Howard, to whom he hands over the guest with the words "Yours!" Out of necessity Howard will play the role of the host. But it doesn't look different here At first Sheldon takes over the Howard's bed. But Sheldon is still not satisfied and he starts to count Catwomen. Now also Howard bursts with anger. A little later, back in the apartment of Leonard and Sheldon, the sleepy Leonard opens the door to receive his "former" roommate. Since Sheldon was calmed down by Howard with a glass of milk and Valium, he is a little confused and jabbers nonstop. Doing this he babble Penny's secrets, that Leonard shouldn't find out.

Since now Leonard knows about the problem between him and Penny, he decides to sort it out. Even though the young physicist meant well, Penny is not overly excited about the flyer from the City College, because this strengthens her opinion, that she is not good enough for Leonard, because she doesn't have a college degree and she disappears angrily in her apartment.