Die Zeitmaschine

When Sheldon, Raj, and Howard step into Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, the three meet Leonard, who has just bid $800 on an internet auction for a miniature time machine from the classic science fiction movie "The Time Machine". Since the bid was a knee-jerk reaction by Leonard, he is hoping that he will be outbid at the last second. Unfortunately, this bid fails to materialize. Therefore, Leonard is now the proud owner of the aforementioned time machine. But since he doesn't have 800 dollars and the other three nerds are enthusiastic about the purchase, they decide to share the cost and consequently the time machine.

Upon delivery of the desired object, it turns out that the alleged miniature is no miniature, but a life-size production model, which can be carried to the fourth floor only with considerable effort. When the four had almost managed it, Penny, who is on the way to work, comes toward them in the stairwell. However, since there is no way through, Penny makes her way across the roof to the neighboring house. After further effort, the time machine is now in the middle of the living room of Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Since Leonard had found the machine, he has the right to take the first time travel trip that brings him into the year 2328. After Leonard has landed back in the present, Penny storms irate into the apartment and begins a torrent of rants, because on the way through the house next door she was held up by an Armenian family and thus got to work much too late, where someone else had already taken over her shift. After she first blow off steam, she leaves the apartment with the words: "Pathetic, all of you are absolutely pathetic!".

The violent reaction of this blond beauty makes Leonard brood so much that he dreams about the preceding situation that night.

When Leonard wakes up in the time machine, Sheldon is standing in front of him. After a short talk between the two of them, Leonard makes a decision to change his life.

The next day, Leonard starts to pack all his comics, toys, costumes and action figures since he wants to sell the whole lot to Larry, an acquaintance from the comic book store. As Sheldon, Raj, and Howard get wind of the preparations, even Leonard's share of the time machine is offered to them. A bidding war begins. Since Leonard doesn't want to sell everything but his portion of the time machine to his friends, the situation becomes critical.

When Leonard wants to take the first box downstairs, his path is blocked in the stairwell by his three friends. At this moment, Penny comes from her apartment to find out what is going on outside her door. When Penny learns that Leonard would like to liquidate his collection and sell everything, she tries to appeal to his conscience; she says that "it is the things that you love that make you what you are." But even this speech does not keep Leonard from implementing his plan. But when Mike pushes through the group and disappears along with Penny into her apartment, Leonard comes back to his senses and returns his stuff to the apartment again.

The following night, Sheldon dreams about the time machine. However, in his dream he is eaten by carnivorous Morlocks. As Sheldon wakes up in shock, he and Leonard decide that the time machine has to go back because it takes up too much space anyway.