Die Leuchtfisch-Idee

Leonard and Sheldon are getting ready to go to a party at the university, when Sheldon reports that he has again thought about time travel. Leonard, however, doesn't take his idea very seriously.

On the way Sheldon carefully considers how he should greet the new director, Dr. Gablehauser. He would like to congratulate him on his job, and then bring to his attention that he has not achieved any more scientific contributions in years.

At the party they are helping themselves at the buffet, together with Raj, when they see Howard accompanied by a beautiful woman. He presents himself in a pretentious manner, but it turns out that the woman is an escort.

They greet Dr.Gablehauser and Sheldon is immediately fired due to his behavior. He is shocked.

The next morning Sheldon makes scrambled eggs for breakfast. He starts a new experiment. Leonard makes it clear that he would get his job back if he apologized. However, Sheldon wants to enjoys his free day , because it is his first in many years.

He takes a picture of his scrambled eggs, but as he eats them he remarks that the eggs are terrible.

Penny comes in and takes Sheldon with her to go shopping On the way he panics because of her aggressive driving.

In the supermarket Sheldon is enthusiastic. In the real world , there is much for him to discover. He knows, however, everything about all of the products and is persistently teaching Penny.

On the way upstairs Sheldon is still excited and would like to go with Penny the next day to a department store, but Penny is annoyed and shuts the door in his face.

As Leonard comes home, Sheldon has already started a new experiment. He would like to convert fish into nightlights. Leonard points out to him again that he should just apologize to Gablehauser.

Leonard doesn't know how else to advise him, and summons Sheldon's mother. Both are taken by surprise to find Sheldon at a loom. Sheldon is indignant that Leonard has told on him and doesn't want help.

The boys and Penny are with Sheldon's mother in the kitchen. Sheldon is sulking in his room. His mother reports that Sheldon had already been very difficult as a child. Before they eat, she prays to God that Sheldon will convert.

Sheldon comes back to them in the living room and grabs himself dessert. Leonard bursts out and scolds him. Then Sheldon creeps away again.

The next day his mother goes to Sheldon and decides that his tantrum is over. She wants him to apologize so that he can get his job back. Sheldon gives in and gets ready.

She accompanies Sheldon to Dr. Gablehauser and Sheldon actually apologizes. The boss immediately makes eyes at his mother and sends him back to work. In the evening his mother puts Sheldon to bed, and he asks if the boss will be his new father. He turns on his side and looks at his glow fish through the glass.