Das Jerusalem-Projekt

One fine day when Sheldon and Leonard are talking in the auditorium of the Caltech Institute, they are joined by Dr. Gable Hauser and a young fellow named Dennis Kim. Dr. Gablehauser introduces the two physicists to the 15-year-old junior talent and asks the two to show Dennis the Institute. After the first few words and Dennis Kim's sharp critique of Sheldon's string theory, Sheldon feels threatened by Dennis. During the tour through the Institute, the group passes by Sheldon's office, where they would like to escape this babysitting job. When Dennis Kim draws Sheldon's attention to a mistake on the blackboard it's the last straw for Sheldon. Plagued with self-doubt Sheldon resolves to throw away his research on string theory and dedicate himself to a different area of research.

After Sheldon tries to involve himself in Leonard's, Howard's and Raj's research, or rather tries to interfere, he once and again gets the words "get lost!" thrown at his head. These words haunt him not only in the institute, but also in his own home. Since Sheldon's friends no longer want to work with him, Sheldon decides to start his own project. That is how the idea for the "Jerusalem Project" was born, for which Sheldon wants to build a new Jerusalem in the Mexican desert.

When Leonard, Howard, and Raj notice Sheldon drifting ever further away, they decide that something must change. The three of them pursue the goal of getting rid of Dennis Kim. Since the young Dennis Kim, to the pain of Sheldon, decided on the California Institute of Technology, Leonard, Howard and Raj plan to draw young Dennis' attention to alternatives at his welcome party . Under the pretext of "bring your daughter to work" day the physicists invite girls between 14 and 16 to divert the young talent from research. At the party themselves, the three of them search for a suitable candidate. But before they can do it Dennis has taken things into his own hands and made the acquaintance of a girl called Emma, he leaves the party with with her instead of explaining his research plans to the scientists and guests. When Sheldon becomes aware of the events, he sees his chance and announces that he will resume his research into string theory.

Sometime later the four physicists meet Dennis Kim in the park, who by everyone's account appeared to have given up research in favor of spending his free time with other youths, Emma, and alcohol.

Leonard, Howard, and Raj are almost sorry that they have "ruined" Dennis Kim's future.