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Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj are in the middle of an Online Multiplayer Game Session when they hear Penny come home. As a pretext to get into a conversation with her, Leonard has pinched Penny's mail, which he would now like to hand over to her. As he leaves the apartment, he has to watch while Penny passionately kisses her new boyfriend Doug. At this sight, Leonard is crushed and loses hope that there could ever be a spark between him and Penny. In pure desperation, Leonard starts to search for another female acquaintance. Then Leslie Winkle, whom he works with at the Institute, comes to mind. The next day, he visits Leslie in the laboratory and presents her with a "biosocial experiment". Leslie's counter-proposal is to skip the date and the associated loss of time and to start immediately with a kiss, to see if the experiment is worth pursuing further. So they begin to kiss, which, despite careful analysis, leads to Leslie feeling no arousal at all.

After this further flop for Leonard, he receives an offer of help from Howard, who drags the four nerds to a dancing class. Even this measure changes nothing about Leonard's lack of self-confidence and success with Penny. Later, Sheldon points out to Leonard that he has not been rejected, since Leonard and Penny have not had a single date. With this knowledge, Leonard grasps new confidence and decides to invite Penny on a date. But because he is missing the necessary courage for a conversation with Penny, he disguises the date as a shared meal together with the others: Sheldon, Howard and Raj. Howard and Raj are naturally not aware of the invitation. But since Sheldon lives directly across from Penny, Leonard asks Sheldon to come up with an excuse so that he is prevented from being there this evening.

After Leonard recovers again from the panic attack that he had shortly before the date, he makes his way to Penny´s flat Before both of them go out, he explains to Penny that the other three, unfortunately, could not come with them. The date does not go particularly well