Der Cooper-Hofstadter-Antagonismus

Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard have once again tried something new. In fact, they can now control all electrical devices in Sheldon and Lenoard's appartment remotely. So far this is nothing sensational. However, they have made it so that every person on the internet can do this as well. But as they celebrate this technical achievement, Penny comes over as their music volume is a bit too loud. She has barely entered the room when she is also shown how people over the whole world can turn the lights on an off and also how the remote contolled cars fitted with webcams can be driven by foreigeners. Owing to the length of her skirt she is rather uneasy about this, and makes her retreat.

Somewhat later, after the experiment, Leonard finds by chance a letter in the waste-paper basket containing an invitation to a physics conference where he and Sheldon are invited as lecturers to present their work. As it turns out, Sheldon has thrown away the letter on purpose, because the participants of the conference are not worthy of his knowledge, and would probably not understand the results of their work. After an argument between them, Leonard decides to go over Sheldon's head and drive to the conference alone.

Since Leonard is nervous and wants to leave a good impression at the conference, he asks Penny for help, regarding the choice of clothes. Looking for a matching suit, Penny turns Leonard's entire wardrobe upside down. After much back and forth, he chooses his classic and timeless corduroy suit. Penny, Raj and Howard escort Leonard to the lecture, as Sheldon continues to refuse to do so.

After the lecture, some questions come from a well-known person. Sheldon couldn't allow it and has hidden himselft as a member of the audience, and is now making out to be the main author of the publication. A loud discussion breaks out between Leonard and Sheldon, which ends in a tussle. That same evening, this tussle can be found on YouTube, because Howard has filmed it with his camera phone. This is not the only thing Howard has published. When Penny nodded off in the conference because of extreme boredom, and her lead leant on Howard's shoulder, he took a photo of it and posted it on Facebook with the title "Me and my girlfriend", which Penny was not very happy about...