Penny und die Physiker (Pilot)

The two highly talented physicists Leonard and Sheldon share an apartment and the love of quantum physics. When the attractive Penny moves into the opposite apartment, Leonard is immediately blown away. He pulls all his courage together to approach her, while Sheldon in turn ruins everything with his smart aleck nature. Yet it quickly seems that Penny is engaged in a friendship with the two strange boys.

To earn some money for themselves, Leonard and Sheldon go to a "High-IQ" sperm bank. Because Sheldon has reservations and does not feel particularly well in this roll, the two make their way back home. Arriving at home, the two realize that their attractive new neighbor is unpacking her boxes. Despite Sheldon's protest, Leonard cannot refrain from doing it and he speaks to her.

Somewhat later, Leonard invites Penny to dinner in the nerds' apartment. At this first visit from Penny, she converses with Sheldon about the work of the two scientists. She is fascinated and impressed by the formulas written on the whiteboards. Sheldon, as usual, makes fun of the "ridiculous" work of Leonard. But because Leonard wants to score with Penny, he is not especially pleased with this attack and it comes to a hot-tempered debate between the two scientists. Penny cannot watch any longer, goes between them and finally ends their quarrel. Because Penny's shower doesn't work, she uses the chance and asks Leonard if she may shower in theirs. After a short moment of outrage on Sheldon's part, she sees the bathroom they both use and promptly disappears. In exactly this moment, two friends of the nerds, Howard Wolowitz and Rajesh Koothrappali, come to visit. Thus, on her first evening in the house, Penny gets to know the four scientists that will turn her life upside down.

Penny asks Leonard for a favor. It would be great if he could pick up her TV from her ex-boyfriend Kurt. Leonard and Sheldon make their way to the said ex-boyfriend. But everything ends in disaster, since Kurt is much bigger and stronger than the two. Without pants and without the TV, the two make the return journey. Penny is outraged about her Ex and grateful that the two have at least tried and invites them all to eat.