Das ist der Ursprung des Katzentanzlieds

If you want to spend the rest of the day tormented with a terrible earwig, read the following lines:

This lewd children's song is known to The Big Bang Theory viewers as the German-language version of the Soft Kitty song. Here it is called the Cat Dance Song and that is a few stanzas longer than the sweet excerpt above. It is first mentioned and sung in episode 11 of Penny's first season (Kaley Cuoco). Sick Sheldon asks his trusted neighbor to sing him a song that his mother used to recite as a child when he was in bed with a cold. Sheldon later demanded perfection from the friends who sing the song to him in adulthood, which became a kind of running gag in the sitcom.

The Big Bang Theory-Prequel Young Sheldon has now captured the origin of Sheldon's nostalgic cat song song obsession. In the scene that's up in the player for you, we see the performer of children's Sheldon Iain Armitage and his serial mother Mary (Zoe Perry) 2015 saw the use of the ditty in The Big Bang Theory incidentally exposed to a lawsuit. It was added by the daughter of the author of the poem on which the song is based. The lawsuit was settled in 2017 and since then the cat song can be recited by all-time The Big Bang Theory characters to the sick Sheldon.

What do you think of the origin of the cat song in The Big Bang Theory?