Staffel 11 der Nerd-Sitcom startet auf ProSieben

Update, 08.01.2018: After the 11th season of The Big Bang Theory already started last year on CBS in the USA, the new episodes are now coming to Germany. ProSieben shows the German dubbed version every Monday at 20:15.

Today ProSieben will kick off the 11th season of The Big Bang Theory, with new episodes airing every Monday night, followed by the new spin-off Young Sheldon.

Attention Spoilers to season finale 10: Sheldon (Jim Parsons) was kissed in the last episode by his stalker Ramona, he flew back to New Jersey to propose a proposal to Amy (Mayim Bialik). However, as you can see in the trailer, he has pretty much put it on the back burner and it remains to be seen how Amy responds and if the sitcom will also be busy preparing for the wedding this season. Meanwhile, Raj (Kunal Nayyar) has a sense of achievement that will be either professional or romantic. Spoiler end

While previously Steve Molaro was responsible for The Big Bang Theory, the showrunner is now leaving the sitcom to work with Chuck Lorre on Young Sheldon instead. In its place, the executive producer Steve Holland will take over the post, which has been involved in the series since season 3. How long the Big Bang Theory will go on is still unclear. Originally, an end to the 12th Season was scheduled, but as the most successful sitcom by CBS with still stable ratings, a future for The Big Bang Theory is still conceivable.

Are you looking forward to the new episodes of The Big Bang Theory?