Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper
Theoretical physicist
Galveston, Texas

Played by
Voice Actor
Gerrit Schmidt-Foß

Sheldon Lee "Shelly" Cooper is a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology who shares his apartment with his colleague and best friend Leonard Hofstadter. He is gifted like Leonard (his reported IQ is 187). Originally from Galveston, Texas, Sheldon began college at the age of 11, and received his first doctorate (Ph.D.) at 16 years old for work on the twistor theory. Sheldon is also the recipient of many scientific awards, and has many prestigious degrees in Physics.

Shamelessly geeky, he has no reservations about speaking Klingon or wearing vintage shirts with superheroes. Although he claims to be the perfect man, Sheldon also has his flaws. Sheldon suffers namely from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as well as Aspergers Syndrome. Because of this, he attaches great importance on the strict compliance of routines. For this reason his understanding of humor, irony and sarcasm is weakly developed, and so he works on this understanding over the course of the series, but time and time again, Leonard must explain the reactions of other people. Another characteristic is a general lack of humility and empathy. Additionally, Sheldon repeatedly demonstrates his superior intellect to his colleagues and friends. Characteristic of Sheldon is also his inability to lie. When he tries, he starts to behave conspicuously, for example by behaving extremely nervous. There is an extensive roommate agreement that Sheldon made with Leonard when he moved into the apartment and which over the run of the series is summoned again and again when one of the detailed rules is broken.

Sheldon was born in 1981 in Galveston, Texas, the son of Mary Cooper, a devout evangelical Christian. His father, George Cooper, was a Texan Homer Simpson, who, due to an unknown cause, died a while ago. He has a twin sister named Missy and an older brother named George Jr. Their mother describes both of them as being "dumb as soup."

Sheldon was educated in the faith of his mother. Including everything that comes with it. Attending church, praying, and he becoming co-captain of "East Texan Christian Youth Holy Roller Bowling League Championship Team" from ages seven to twelve. In between, he was forced to watch football with his father.

During the course of the fourth season, something like a relationship develops between Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler. At the end of the third season, he already got to know the highly intelligent neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler through an online dating site, thanks to Raj and Howard. Amy is increasingly showing sexual interest, to which Sheldon until now has not responded to, although he appears to be increasingly jealous.