Dr. Leslie Winkle
Experimental physicist

Played by
Voice Actor
Diana Borgwardt

Dr. Leslie Winkle is an experimental physicist and works in the same laboratory as Leonard, at the California Institute of Technology. With her black glasses and comfortable sweaters she looks very similar to Leonard. One could even call her his female counterpart. Leslie Winkle is very direct and she always says what she thinks. In addition, she sees everything as an experiment. She does not even leave dates to chance, rather plans the whole evening, including the kiss. In her free time she plays violin in a small orchestra and constantly quarrels with her foe, Sheldon They both show they personal differences and distinct scientific viewpoints in passionate word battles.

The beginning of this hate relationship was a misogynistic comment from Sheldon, who suggested that Leslie should rather do laundry, wash dishes and raise children than discuss the laws of physics. Surely he knows, but it also goes against his grain that Leslie appears to be the only person who can stay with him intellectually. She always counters his numerous hostilities in a funny way and regularly calls him an "idiot". When the four young people are taking part in a physics-quiz and Sheldon drops out, Leslie takes his place only to tease him.

Leslie has an affair with Leonard for a short time. But Sheldon prevent a long-term relationship between the two. Because of that, she is later together with Howard for a long time. First introduced as a secondary character, she is promoted to a female lead in the second season. But short time later, Sara Gilbert left the cast so that she could devote fully to her job as executive producer of the CBS talk show "The Talk". She had her last appearance in 'The Big Bang' in the finale of Season 3. Leonard stopped in front of Leslie's apartment after an alcohol related, one-night-stand, relapse with Penny and asked if she doesn't ever have a desire to have sex with him. Leslie replied, "Let me think about it" and then the door slams in Leonards face.