Dr. Bernadette Maryann Rostenkowski
Verheiratet mit

Played by
Voice Actor
Anita Hopt

Bernadette is a pretty blonde with a charming wasp waist. At the first sight she seems, standing 1.5 meters tall - despite her ample bosom - charmingly childlike. She works as a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory to pay for her studies, and is Penny's workmate. She introduces her - not completely of her own accord - to Howard, the desperate, unsuccessful ladies man. He had made a pact with Leonard that the first one to find a real girlfriend must ask her to introduce the other one to one of her lady friends. They meet for a double date. This first date is very cold, because they do not find any common interests at first. That changes unexpectedly as the difficult life with a dominant mother figure is on the topic. Excited, the couple bonds over a rapid exchange of frustrating experiences and aggressive fantasies.

Bernadette's strict Catholic family has educated her about honesty and friendliness. The latter is often met in her service-job, as she always has a loveable smile at the ready. Her father is a retired police officer, who however never parted from his firearm. Mrs. Rostenkowski has an illegal day care nursery during Bernadette's childhood. Later it turns out, that the experiences from this period triggered an insuperable hate for children for her.